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Topslip - In the woods with the giant!

Just realising its been more than 4 months I have posted here..... Happened to watch Kumki today in Vijay TV which reminded of the picture I took few months back when we visited Topslip for a day.   But no more pressures of posting daily...So hope to continue posting atleast 1 picture / week...Let me see if I can keep up at it :)


Happy New Year 2013!!

A big thanks for all the motivation and encouragement you had been showering on this page inspite of me being irregular at times....I thoroughly enjoyed the ride this year though attimes felt little lazy and forced to post pics daily but happy that somehow I made my way through.... I am not doing P365 for 2013 but sure to post few random pics here so keep watching and I promise to post more interesting pics next year!

New day, new dawn and new hopes...Here is wishing you all a  very happy, colorful and prosperous  new year 2013!
Day 366/366