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Archive for April 2012

Mittu and rice

Clicked this long back for a contest but didn't send it so thought to post it here atleast :)

Day 121/366

Panning Shot

Tried a panning shot few days back.....though not a perfect example first trials are always special to remember :)

Day 118/366
carpanning copy

Lotus Pond

Clicked at Nelliyampathy...

Day 117/366
Lotus pond

Rain Blur

It rained like cats and dogs yesterday which was totally unexpected. With the breezy wind along with the heavy rain , small branches of trees falling here and there - it was totally creepy yesterday when we were on the way to attend a wedding reception. All that I could do sitting idle in the traffic was clicking few pics through my window.....And this pic best describes my today too blurrrrr...;))

Day 116/366
rain blur


I always wanted to click people on the roads but never had the courage to ask. A day back when I was way back home, asked the little boy(who was a complete stranger to me) if he can pose...before he could say yes or no I clicked 3 shots  because I was not prepared for a No :) When I showed him the pics, he smiled and looked happy too.

Day 114/366


I liked the movie so much that I saw in theater twice which is sure a rarity these days. Kudos to the team who have made it! The songs are still looping as its my lil ones fav esp 'Asku laska' and my fav being 'En frienda pola'.

I didnt have thoughts to click the poster and when I had one, the movie was not running anymore...I roamed around many streets in search of the poster but to my luck didnt find any - Ok I admit I was specific on the picture to click too. And last week it was rereleased in a local theater and finally clicked it. I never bothered about the people around who gave a strange look at me as if I was shooting for a film ;) haha

This marks the 100th day of the film and wanted to post it on this special day :)

Day 111/366



Remember the game named "statue" we used to play during our childhood days?! When we were at Dominos was watching these kids and clicked it randomly.

Day 108/366
statue game

Bye Bye Buddy

Mittus playschool got closed a day back and her vacation has started. She waved byebye to her eurokids buddy(ies) as she will be starting new school from June.
Day 105/366
Byebye buddy

With prayers....

Prayers for all those who are affected by the earthquake that occurred yesterday.

Day 103/366


Faith is in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.-Voltaire

Day 101/366


Jenneys Club

We attended mittus best friends brothers 1st birthday party at Jenney's Club . It was the first time I visited the place so was awed at the ambience, loved the food too. Only later I realized that the wedding scene in Nanban was shot there and asked hubby if we could go there again for dining :)

Today marks the 100th day in P365...I should admit P365 is not easy as I had thought - Having the camera sticking to me all the time like a baby kangaroo sometimes a burden too holding the bulky camera & bag in one hand and holding mittu with the other hand...eyes wandering for framing a pic :) But on the other side yes it is all the more enjoyable and interesting!

Thanks so much for the great support you people are giving! Attimes when I feel demotivated to continue the journey, all ur comments encourage me so much.

Day 100/366
Jennysclub - Coimbatore

Tirupur Tirupathi

This is a temple at Tirupur called Tirupur Thirupathi. We visited the temple when we went there to attend Sir's wedding. more day and it is 100 days!! :)

Day 99/366
tirupur thirupathi-2

Welcoming Flower

Sri Krishna Sweets - am sure no one needs any intro for their melt in the mouth mysore pak :) We went to gandhipuram branch yesterday and thats where I clicked this at the lobby.Have a  nice weekend!

Day 98/366


Visited my school friend today who was with me in college too. Her brothers daughter Aditi(on the left) with mittu - they had a good time playing and we had a gud time chatting :)

Day 97/366

Stone Age or Custom?!

I saw these stepping stones in the surroundings of marudamalai temple.When we enquired I was surprised to hear the reason.... The construction work is going on now for the main temple entrance and arranging the stones like this has become a custom by the visitors and is believed that if they do so its like doing their part while building the temple. 

Day 96/366

Marudamalai - Inside temple

This is not the main entrance view, its a view of the one of the small temples surrounded by the main one.

Day 95/366

After a drizzle....

Seeing the flowers with the water droplets after a mild drizzle - love the look so much!

Day 93/366
Fresh flower