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Archive for November 2012


This was the dinner that was served at my friends place at Chennai when we were there a month back:)
Day 334/366
Dinner at Chennai!

Long Long Ago....

Clicked last weekend when we were there at mittus school for her project...The theme for kg's was long log ago and she was there reciting a small poem :)
Day 333/366

Its Diwali time!!

Made 3 batches of rava laddu and finished with the distribution along mixture and choco burfi too....How is ur preparation going? Happy Diwali in advance!!
Day 317/366
Rava Laddo Recipe

Pizza time...!

Made these pizzas with the readymade pizza base....yum!!

Day 316/366

Props Show

Day 314/366
This is glance at my food props....only half is shown :)

Bear Pouch!

I love anything in brown color and now this cute mobile pouch adds on to my list too - gifted by sathya again :)
Day 313/366

Gifts again :)

It is gift time again best friend gave this when she visited us :)

Day 311/366

Good Food Magazine

Hubby subscribed to good food magazine and  ever since am hooked onto it :)

Day 309/366