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I never gave a serious thought on Project 365 even after the inspiration from few fellow bloggers. On a fine day when I was travelling to office, I suddenly saw the date which reminded me that it was a year since I got my DSLR(Nikon D3100).

I wanted to do something more into photography apart from food photography and thats when the thought came why not start Project 365 .

Project 365 - So whats it is all about? Take a single picture every single day throughout the year and post it online(either blogger /flickr or any other photo hosting sites ).

I am starting it this year with few flexible rules for me - Incase I am not able to click a pic on a particular day I will be posting one from my archive but hopefully I shouldnt miss even a day :) As its obvious that carrying a DSLR always isnt easy for me so the archive rule and yes I am restricting myself to post pictures only from my SLR. 

Come along and enjoy the 365 days photojournal ride with me. I am hoping not to miss even a single day this year, keeping fingers crossed :)