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Archive for May 2012

Home is....

where the heart lives.....How true is that no?! There is so much of hardwork and  dreams put in for every house built.
I have this habit of collecting different model houses and now the camera captures it to save for the collection.

Day 152/366
Home is where the heart lives...

Betel Leaves

I went to a neighbors house thats where I clicked the betel leaves....looked so fresh that I was tempted to pluck few but controlled myself from doing it :)

Day 151/366

An interview

Yesterday, when we were searching for cycles, there happened to be an interview(with Dinamalar) at a cycle shop we visited..And as a coincidence I had my camera in hand so clicked it too :)

Day 148/366
a video shoot

Puppet Show

We saw this at a near by home consumer exhibition and kids were thoroughlly enjoying the show, me too :)

Day 143/366


I am already losing the spirit in P365....hopefully this should not continue. I am wondering how will I go through 7 more months feels like a long way....Lets see how it goes.

Clicked this wall paining at Sri Krishna Sweets, simple and elegant isnt it?!
Day 142/366

Happy Sunday!

Sundays are meant to be lazy ;) for the justification of starting the fresh week from monday....Have a happy sunday!

Day 142/366


A common sight found in Indian marriages...Clicked it at a temple where a marriage was happening....

Day 141/366

Dancing Statues

Even the statues have started to dance.......and the weekend is here :) Happy Weekend!!

Day 140/366


Clicked this at vaideeswaran koyil  main entrance kopuram. Nothing can par with the architectures the olden temples carries.

Day 138/366



Ray of clouds

This reminds of the climate now in CBE. Its mostly moody after 3PM and we are already loving the showers and the chill climate!

Day 134/366

Cottage View

This was the cottage view(opposite to ours) at a hotel named Sadabishegam in Vaideeshwarar Koyil. I loved the ambience and the food needs a special mention.

Day 132/366

The same cottage late evening view

Lonely Benches

I was on a trip to vaideeswaran koil last weekend for a family function. The place we stayed in had a huge park kind of surrounding where I clicked these lonely benches.

Day 130/366

The Guard

When I was clicking random houses/buildings, I saw this guard who was sitting outside a bank. When I approached him for a click, he immediately stood up and moved aside - thinking that I wanted to click the bank....Then I said I wanted to click him, he asked me twice "enaiya edukanum?!"(Are you sure you  want to click me) before giving this pose :)

Day 129/366
the guard


There was a small concert happening at Lemeridien at the dining area when we there for the engagement ceremony.

Day 126/366