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Archive for June 2012

RGB Bokeh :)

It was a super packed week that I didnt find time to click anything for this space so had to go with what I have and am sure you will bear it up with me :) And this is one of my most fav bokeh shots!

Day 182/366

Pink Flowers!

Finally friday is here, I feel like this week passed off very quickly and am happy to have landed on friday to say Happy Weekend!! :)

Day 181/366


Whenever I visit nilgiris I cant stop myself from getting a frankie, kind of addicted to it totally...Now feel like having it... But my dinner is adai so here I go :)

Day 179/366

Dosa Plaza

Yest we tried this restaurant named Dosa Plaza which is located at R.S.Puram. I tried maharaja sada dosa(with cashews tomato and paneer filling) and hubby tried navratan dosa(with veggies, fruits and nuts).  I can rate it above average but the side dishes were totally not my kind. 

Day 176/366
Dosa plaza, Coimbatore

Flickering Butterfly

We visited the botanical garden on mittus bday, took some random shots thats when a butterfly was continuously flickering and searching for a flower to settle....thats when I clicked this.

Day 174/366
Flickering Butterfly

Happy Birthday Mittu!!!

It feels just like yest that you were a baby in our arms...I'm wondering how these 3yrs flew by..With every day passing by, you grow more naughtier, smarter & wonderful..No matter how many yrs pass by, you'll always be ur appas little girl and ammas lil bundle of joy. You are full of life and Nothing brings us more happiness than to see the smile on your face! To the most lovely daughter that you are...Happy Birthday mittu kutty!!

Day 171/366

Bokeh Love!!

I so so love bokehs, had a chance to experiment in the temple festival this weekend. So bear with my experimental shots of bokeh every now and then :)

Day 170/366


Yesterday we went to a temple nearby and clicked few night shots there ....

Day 169/366

Night View

I was just trying out bokeh from our terrace and clicked this night view.

Day 168/366

Bread Baking!!

Baking bread had always been my dream - Folding it, arranging in the bread loaf pan, waiting it to rise, finally baking and waiting to see the  golden color bread loaf. The mini bread loafs stealed the show, the experience was just amazing, enjoyed every bit of it!

Day 165/366
bread baking

Baking Class

I attended a baking course in Agri university today and had a great learning time there. Its a 2 day course which will follow tomorrow also. Todays session was yeasted bakes - We had great fun and returned home full tummies with parcelled baked goodies too :)

When each of them had their own doubts and queries , my only plight and question before starting was " Can I click pictures?" haha :D

Day 164/366


Nilgiris R.S.Puram branch in Coimbatore is my most fav shop and our monthly grocery shopping is always with them.It is my one stop destination for all my baking needs too.

Day 163/366


We had a bc day today - attended a nikah in the morning and then rushed to my daughters school orientation program. Just back and relaxing at home.Have a nice weekend!

Day 161/366

Natures Hanging

On my way back home after the walk, saw this tree where there were natures beautiful hangings.

Day 160/366

Its playtime....

Clicked it few days back when the kids were playing at the park. Now that the school has reopened the park seems to be empty.

Day 158/366


This is the car parking pathway area that I clicked at Le Meridian

Day 157/366

Kovai Hills

We are just back from visiting the kovai hills project , we were on that way so thought to have a peak but cudnt see the model house as some maintenance work was going on. So just got the brochures and returned back. But sure to visit again to click the model villas :)

Day 155/366


Proudly called as Coimbatore's Brigade Road, the place which remains close to my heart and everytime I visit there it brings back my childhood memories.

Day 153/366