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Archive for July 2012

Measure it perfect - Kitchen Scale!!

I use the measuring cups for all my cooking and baking but was on the look out for a kitchen scale since long  and finally found this few weeks back. The first thing I did was to convert everything into grams and update the posts at Sharmis Passions as readers were requesting me to for the equivalent cup measures in grams and finally did it.

Day 211/366

Food Props!!

I have a craze for food props these days that wherever I go, I get something or the other :) I got few spoons from Kannan Dept Stores,Kamala Stores yest as my spoon collection is less....I got the plates and jar from Trichy...when I look at each prop I have a story/incident associated with it :) All thanks to hubby who takes time for prop shopping :O  I feel so content and happy when I shop for mittu and sharmis passions than for myself !! :)

Day 210/366

Temple visit

We were there at Paramakudi last weekend for mittus 2nd mottai...One more day and another weekend is here...time just flies.

Clicked it with mobile phone...Now I understand the value of each pic after starting P365 so no more restrictions in posting pics from mobile :)

Day 208/366

I love rain!!!

Its been more than 2 weeks since it rained and am longing for more showers already......I loveee rain!! Rain god can you hear me? :) And wondering whether its our car? noo :))

Day 207/366

Goose quacks...:))

Waking up to their sounds was totally new to us which was the best part of ITL Resorts , Nelliyampathy.

Day 206/366

Nature is beautiful!

It was so scenic on the way to Palakkad...When we stopped for our breakfast I clicked this.

Day 203/366

Mask Day Celebrations....

It is mask day celebrations in mittus school this month end and it is donald duck mask for mittu. Her maam was very keen and told that no printouts, no readymade ones and only handdrawn and colored. I started yesterday with few trials and am done with the final today. Cant wait to show it to her to see the reaction on her face.  I drew almost after 10years and felt so naotalgic thinking of the school days....Hope it looks like donald duck !:)

Day 202/366


I hate reptiles and cant stand even near....Somehow clicked this and  with a great hesitation am posting it :)

Day 201/366

Velankanni Temple

We went to velankanni few months back and thats when I clicked the church with hubbys mobile.

Day 200/366

And it rains in CBE too!!!

Clicked yesterday while it was raining heavily with thunders breaking my ears :) I loveeee rains!!! Looking forward for more such showers!!!

Day 199/366

On the go....

I love clicking pictures on the go and this was one such when we travelled to Palakad last year.I am looking for more such holidays, and the pics remind me to plan one soon...

Day 198/366

Elephant Blessing!

Though I am afraid to stand for the elephant blessing I love watching peoples reaction when blessed by an elephant :) This was clicked at Malakula Vinayagar temple at Pondicherry when we visited the temple on mittus first bday.

Day 197/366


Just a macro try.....

Day 195/366

It is smart!!!

Finally am with a smartphone too!! :) Hubby got me 'samsung galaxy y' yesterday and am loving it. I wanted to click and post it yesterday itself but was too busy browsing around :)

Day 193/366

Finding Nemo.....

We had been to mittus school last saturday for her first parents teachers meet and there was a book fair going on. She loves 'finding nemo' so I immediately picked the book when I saw it. Now 2 new books added on to her collection.

Day 192/366

Magnetic Cuties

I am crazy about fridge magnets and have started collecting them. Got these tiny magnets this weekend aren't they cute?!

Day 191/366


Clicked at a local near by temple where there was a festival going on.....this is where I experimented many bokeh shots

Day 189/366


Isnt nail polishes/ nail enamels every girls addiction?! and my lil one is no exception to it. She never misses to go to this section whenever we visit Nilgiris.

Day 183/366