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Archive for February 2012

G for Granola Bars

I am addicted to these granola bars......Though I make these bars often at home, cant stop myself from picking these bars when I see them :) I have tried 3-5 varieties and loved all of them.

Day 58/366

D for Dusty Handle

Everyday I wake up looking for a day which is new and fresh folded with opportunities to learn new things. And now this photo blog has added on to it......though at times a bit hectic I am happy that it makes me go an extra mile to learn photography.

Clicked the dusted handle at our apartment terrace

Day 55/366
Dusty Handle

C for Cat....Meow :)

Trust me, I am so scared of cats esp their looks, it took sometime for me to go near and click few shots though the people around convinced that he is friendly. Clicked today at a near by store where they have this cat named Boss :)

Day 54/366

B for BalHanuman

I gave this keychain to hubby years back and now this holds the extra key for our car :) Clicked at the car dashboard....

Day 53/366

A for Alphabets :)

I was inspired by the A-Z series last year by Siri so thought to start my own. I have done a bit of planning for each alphabet but clicks have to manage instantly, am sure its going to be fun :) This is a gift I had bought few weeks starting the series with A for Alphabets :)

Day 52/366

At Nelliyampathy....

We visited Nelliyampathy(a small hillstation near Palakad) last May, and totally loved the place. It was green to all distances we could see and it was totally calm and away from the city traffic and pollution. I would call it mini munnar :) The food and ambience of the resort we stayed in added on to our favs. If you havent been here, mark it to your must see list. I wish to go there again hopefully sooner :)
Day 48/366

We are with Airtel DTV...!!

A day back we had our Airtel Digital TV connection and we are already enjoying with it. No more fights for our fav programmes, we can record and watch it at our convenience :)

Day 46/366

Angry Bird :O

Knowing the angry birds addiction, retailers have started with these kind of series...pens, bags, boxes, water bottles etc. When we visited Sowmyas house few weeks back, she gave this pen for mittu....Its is a pen with a angry bird cap which has a whistle at the back of the cap. How cute is that?! :) Taken at her house while the kids were busy playing.....

Day 44/366

Smells good :) Do It!

Sure not clicked for a product review ;) I dont like perfumes as I feel they are overdose for me so its always deo. I dont prefer changing the brand often or atleast stick with 2-3 brands. This is my current choice and the name attracts me everytime I see this... DO IT!!! :)

Day 43/366

My Breakfast today....:)

I was craving for poori since a week and finally enjoyed it today. I had poori with masal and peas curry :) If you are interested in the recipe for poori masal check here

Day 42/366

Simple pleasures of life - Tring Tring...:)

There are certain things in life which I cannot give up at any times even when my days are hectic and filled....And our chat session tops the priorities. Not even a single day passes without our chitchats over phone. It has become one of our daily chores that missing it feels us sick....Thank god we are in CUG ;)

Be it the never ending conversations over phone even if its daily, be it the small chit chat moments which makes us realise we are still close though being miles apart, be it the daily teasers, be it the happy and tough times we have come across together....Whether physically or virtually, I know there is a friend for my lifetime to share and care!!

To my besstest friend!! En frienda pola yaru macha..........;)

Day 40/366


The corridor holds special memories - It was one of the corridors in our school campus where we have played, shared daily chit chats.... etc. Clicked it when we aluminis met recently.

Day 39/366

Rusted Bell

Another hanging around Dhyanalingam surroundings

Day 36/366

6 years of togetherness!!

02.02 - Celebrating 6 years of togetherness!! There is only one person who comes to my mind when I think of all the gud times I have had in my life! A Lively & warm person....who believes in 'I m born to live' and enjoys every minute of the day and makes me feel the same - The other half and best friend for life.

This was the gift I received in advance :) I researched almost a month and finally settled down with 35mm 1.8 g prime lens and am glad with my choice.
Day 33/366

Dairy Milk Silk - Orange Peel

When I planned to start this project 365, I had few rules set for me. One among them was I should not post any pics posted at sharmis passions. But this pic is an exception - I wanted this pic to have a appearance here too so breaking the rule ;) I got a pack of 2 dairy milk silk - orange peel from cadbury as they  requested for a promotion and review