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Memoirs Book

This kept me busy for the past 1 week. This was given in mittus playschool with a instruction manual of how to fill it up. It had few pictures to be stuck up and summary of things to be written which included her pet names at home, first few words spoken by her, her fav toys, food, books, how she likes her teacher, what keeps her bc at home...etc. I completed and submitted it today, I've the same relief and excitement when I submitted my final year project record :)

Day 30/366

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is my fav but we always get the plain flavour for the sake of mittu. Whenever we drop in Nilgiris in the evenings, its frankie for me and sweet corn for mittu :)

Day 29/365


I visited my best friend Sowmyas place today and had a good time there. Wish we get to meet often :) I clicked this at her house when she showed me the new kumkuma chimil.

Day 28/366

63rd Republic Day.....

Day 26/366
Freedom in Mind,
Faith in Words,
Pride in our Heart,
Memories in our Souls.
Lets Salute the Nation on

Food on Fire

Though modern cooktops and induction based stoves are already in, there are still people who use this for their daily cooking.

Day 25/366

The chain

Taken at our apartment kids park

Day 24/366

Summer Showers

Its summer already and I can see watermelons and tender coconut along the roadside and the fruitjuice shops being crowded. The kids here are having summer showers to beat the heat.

Day 23/366

Colors #5 : Kids at the apartment

This was taken at the new year celebrations at our apartment. I could cover only half of the kids, actually they make a big crowd and they are the main reason who made the event colorful :)

Day 20/366

Colors #3 : Crayons

This was another gift for mittu from Bharathy. It was a mini coloring book with 7 jumbo crayons in a carry pack. Finally got time to click it today before mittu misplaces the crayons :)
Day 18/366

Colors #1 : Bokeh

I am choosing "Colors" as a theme for this week. I cannot imagine a world without colors...Can you? Though black and white pics has its own classic look, I get bored easily with just 2 colors.

I love bokehs and this is my first try of clicking a bokeh. Sure not a perfect bokeh but thought to post as its my first try :) Hope you enjoy the color series!

Day 16/366

I love you mummy!

Bharathy gave this book for mittu on our meet. Since then, she is hooked onto this book and asks me to read it again and again. Thanks so much Bharathy for the thoughtful gift! :)

Its ammas bday tomorrow and here is me wishing her in advance and happy pongal to all!

Day 14/366

Smile please :)

When I was wandering around Race course road, saw this little kid at an apartment entrance where her mother works......She didnt understand what I spoke but when I took the camera to click, her face had an extra curve :)
Day 12/366

Fun in the sun!

It was totally fun and exciting to see the kids perform in the sports day . My kid was one among them :) It was taken at Bharathiyar university where it happened.
Day 11/366

Have a nice day!

The weekend was a super packed one and I enjoyed every bit of it. I got this scrap-pad for mittu which includes a marker and a wiper with it...So before she starts scribbling, here is my first note :) Have a nice day and a great week ahead!

Day 9/366
This day will remain special when I turn back over the years for the decision I've made, sure to update you all soon :)

Bonsai Miniatures

This was taken at the kovai flower show last year. There were natural bonsai's and even cute miniatures like these.

We went today to this years flower show but this time more of commercial exhibits. So more pics coming up from the flower show soon, keep watching!

Day 8/366

Driving you nuts :)

I am glad that nuts and spices is here in CBE too......Yesterday went shopping there thats when I clicked it
Day 7/366

Fresh Flowers

I clicked this pic today morning during my morning walk - Okay let me admit I made a walking schedule today just for clicking sake ;)
Where flowers bloom so does hope - Lady Bird Johnson

Day 3/366

The Little Invite

Usually parents come along with the birthday kid to invite for the bday party. Yesterday, the kid came with a small invitation which said "To Aunty & Uncle" with mittus name inside - The mini invitation was really very cute , I've preserved it as its her first formal invitation :)
Day 2/366

Happy New Year 2012!!

This is my first pic of the year and my photojournal and I cant wait for more....:) Hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do!

May the new year dawn with new hope and beginnings bringing along many reasons for celebrations!! Happy New Year 2012!!

Day 1/366

The Light!