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Jenneys Club

We attended mittus best friends brothers 1st birthday party at Jenney's Club . It was the first time I visited the place so was awed at the ambience, loved the food too. Only later I realized that the wedding scene in Nanban was shot there and asked hubby if we could go there again for dining :)

Today marks the 100th day in P365...I should admit P365 is not easy as I had thought - Having the camera sticking to me all the time like a baby kangaroo sometimes a burden too holding the bulky camera & bag in one hand and holding mittu with the other hand...eyes wandering for framing a pic :) But on the other side yes it is all the more enjoyable and interesting!

Thanks so much for the great support you people are giving! Attimes when I feel demotivated to continue the journey, all ur comments encourage me so much.

Day 100/366
Jennysclub - Coimbatore